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*** Too Good To Be True ***

                 There is this joy in my heart because you
showed me A side that you don't show too much,
I'll never forget how you would look into my eyes or
how you made me yours after just one touch..
               Everyone said "Dont trust him" an "he's
Just no good", I know you don't like showing your
good side but maybe sometimes you should..
            The only times you've Ever put your hands
on me was Always for my pleasure, You Really
made me feel amazing of that I am sure..
            The only thing you've Ever Robbed me of
was my heart, I found happiness an now they're
keeping us apart..
            I hate myself for not realizing how much you
meant to me before I lost you, Now my heart hurts
because I have to be without you an I just don't
want to..
           I'll Never regret going against what everyone
else had to say about you, Because you've shown
me an Amazing Love that's just too good to be

                                              Written by:
                                                       Kelly Rich

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