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Castaways Part Two 

The quarantine was clearing the health of my crew.
Dehydration and malnourishment were the major concerns.
Overexposed skin to sea and sun, needed healing from tropic burns.
The crew nest safely at the harbor, the hour of land, is close at hand.

In my mind remains the vision of four years, of triumph and pain.
The Island of mystery and agonizing heat did not become my defeat.
There was a great loss of many lives, yes,  more than those who survive.
I can not measure the grief or my pleas for relief.

The quarantine ends, the first step on soil, brings an end to our Castaways toil.
There was a crowd of familiar faces, family, and friends good graces.
The voices echoed in the bay and brought my crew to their families arms that day.
"I found the greatest treasure, said one man to his wife, there is no greater treasure than life."

(In conclusion, I've gained from that tropic excursion, 
I will sail no more, since that day when I came ashore.)

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Castaways Part Two Conclusion