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The sound of the susurrous wind haunts the icy air.
I turn to see your face, but all is lost in the sieging frost.
The road ahead is not visible in the whiteout conditions.
The car will not start, the night surrenders to the storm.
I wrap in my car seat cover to get warm.
Blinded by the snow, the darkness begins to roar. The storm
Has a direction I must find a place for protection.
In the raging night, walls of ice and snow rise with might.
Still no outline of the land with a strike of winter's hand.
The hours roared like a hungry beast and fed on its helpless feast.
The hour before dawn, was the darkest moments that blizzard struck upon.
Then a silence began to rise and light creeps slowly to touch my eyes.
The storm has run its course and left tones of cold remorse.

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