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The God Script

Originated in light yet sold out in the dark
Not created for the role yet playing the part
Scene after scene, the debt grew everyday
The budget for life now taken away
But an alternate script written even before time
The main character and lead role truly divine
A Father, a Son, and an old rugged cross
Repentance, redemption, the ultimate cost
Death, resurrection, and immortality
All for captives who would choose to be free
First the story line, then the casting call
The God Script has a part for all
The role a lot different than most today
Yet a role we were all born to play
Kings and queens, a royal priesthood
Performing miracles we never through we could
Heroes and heroines, born to the save the world
Men and women, little boys and little girls
Each one skillfully and wonderfully made
Declared most precious by the debt that was paid
No longer what they say you are
But a new creation, reborn a star
The directors body broken, His blood was shed
His life not taken but offered up instead
But in act 3 He rose from the grave
With a message of grace and the power to save
In theaters now for all to see
Showing the world over and admission if free

J. Moore

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The God Script