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Loving Worth

The grey sky has opened and snow drapes the land.
On a Late November day, the sun naps behinds the clouds.
It was not an ordinary day, a certain melancholy hold was silent yet, bold.
Trees stood still on rolling hills, snow framed my windowsills.

The motionless countryside was a speechless guide. A solemn gift of nature's pride.
Many years ago on this day, a child is born, to a loving husband and wife.
There in his Mother's arms of life, a light of absent strife.
The babe grew to be a child, then a Pastor so loving and mild.

The year's nurtured his gentle soul, and peace and compassion became his goal.
War would change the hearts of his fellow men, he stood beside his friends with the
Bible in his hand, war spilled his brother's blood upon the twisted land.
When the wars ceased his turmoil released. No longer of this earth,
Gods Angels upholds his loving worth.

©Allseasonsverse 2018/27/11
All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to my brother, Pastor Dan

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Loving Worth