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It was a soft sunny day, the trees move in a rhythmic sway.
I hang sheets on the clothesline they fan themselves in a twisted line.
My old and cantankerous cat chases his tail then drops where he's at.
Summer was hot this year, but it was enchanting and clear.

There was the scent of honeysuckle in the air as the breeze moves with refreshing care.
Was there a chance that I witnessed a soothing summer's dance, perhaps, my sight was enhanced.
The children ran in the meadow near, their voices filled with sweet summer's cheer.
The sheep lazily graze in an approaching mid-day radiant haze.

Time kept the day all aglow, as my daydreams come to an end.
My backyard is covered in snow, as I view my parted, elusive friend.
The sight of the mind's eye in a place where sparrows fly, stands cold and uninviting
When summer's warmth was welcomed and exciting.

Just another rush of sweet moments of past to make those sunny days last.
The blizzard still strikes with a blast.
Weather changes in temperatures ranging will occur, but life still has lure.
bringing joy all the same, when Snow angels call out my name.
The children's laughter enjoying, Winter's games.

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