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"Wings" a mother's love

he is scrubbing the very skin off my back
I think to myself as I brace my hands
against the sides of the pot belly tub

my mother always had such strong firm hands
I steady myself from the force of her strokes
she is in a hurry for there is still much to be done
still rocking back and forth… timed as in a rhythm
wondering if I will have skin left on my bones
after this is over
quick commands and quicker response no time
for nonsense
Gosh! my skin is red... and sore...

then… she rinse me off and cradles me
in a towel...
smiling without a smile… a thinking face but
pleasant I can't take my eyes of her
she carries me into the bedroom where she plops
me down on the bed and I giggle with glee... my sister is
already there.… I can relax now… the hard part is over

Here comes the rub-down, not an inch is missed... powder
comes next and bright white undies and lacy slip and
ruffled socks… we were always dressed to match
people always mistook us for twins

she holds my face in her two hands and plants a kiss on my
forehead.… a kiss of approval and satisfaction
"stay on the bed," she says... "do not get dirty before we
have to go".....

We are going to visit grandmother and our favorite
grandfather number one…
one of the best memories of mother when she was
still mother

if we remember them with loving fondness...
they will get wings....
One Love~~~


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`Wings` a mother`s love