It's All In My Head

      💙💙  Something You Should Know 💙💙

I've finally been given A chance that I have
been waiting for for so long, A chance to get
back our relationship the one we used
to have was so strong.
I realized that I left you and that's
something I should have never done,
An trust me I regret it more than anyone.

When Grandma Debbie died alot of me
died too, My mother was my everything and
without her I didn't know what to do..
I made a Lot of wrong choices each one
worse than the one before, I just tried to keep
running from the pain my heart was so sore.
However I never forgot you or stopped
thinking of you at all ever, You're my kids and
your love has been stiched in my heart forever.
I am beyond thankful to have you in my
life once again now my heart is so happy,
because no matter what if you're small or big
near or far you'll always be momma's Babies..

Written by~ Kelly Rich

Dedicated to my Children, you'll never know
How much you actually mean ta me. although your not
With me alot there hasn't been a Christmas, Your birthday,
Not a holiday or a joyful moment or thought could be made
Without the sadness that I've become accustomed to when I think
Of past memories, and how much I truly miss all of you.

Always remember that Nothing
could Ever take the love I have for
you away, there's nothing anyone
can say or do to take my love for
you away...
Written by: Kelly Rich
Nov. 2018
with love to my Children~
Matthew, Brandon, Sebastian, an my Sierra.

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