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The Key

Days reflect the hours of grey skies, a day that holds a moment bold.
Rain, snow, and ice become an attitude of an unruly vice.
There is an atmosphere of sacrifice.
Stand by your Angels side, when grief becomes the ride.

A disembodied voice gives obvious choice.
The hour of action will rejoice
Look in the soul that expresses an endless voice.
An hour of ups and down will suddenly spin around.

Mind and heart give the soul a turbulent headstart.
When the winds roar then, suddenly darts.
The rise of tempest fury strikes high to depart.
To release the infinite spark.

In a piece of solemn empathy will light the inner eye to see.
Life's golden opportunity, when sorrows flee.
The home of courage the land of the free
Bares witness to Heaven's Key.

For only one holds the Key with grace
When he prepares a home in his holy place
The love for his Chidren will
Be  the external light we will embrace.

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The Key