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A Winter Wonderland Post Card 

White winters blues seems to break all the rules. 
The pond that was filled with swans has frozen and blends with the lawn.
The back porch swing can frost the rump till it stings.
 Salt on the porch replace the citronella torch, and snow blowers replace lawn mowers.

Now I'm not complaining, at least it's not raining, but removing ice driveways can be straining.
A snowman is an interesting fellow until Fido turns him yellow.
I'm not good at wading in the snow to the waist as it sticks to my clothes like paste.
The older I become the winter weather is something that I'd like to forget without regret.

So next year, when the geese fly south, you will not hear not one complaint from my mouth.
I'll be in my bare feet on the beach absorbing the heat.
Guess I've earned to win winters defeat.
A Winter Wonderland postcard is sweet in a Tropic Paradise seat.

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A Winter Wonderland Post Card