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Warm Entice

The waters were still on this crisp winters Day.
Ice was beginning to form on the pond, during the silent moments of dawn.
North winds whisper to the water's grace, skimming softly across her face.
The first light of day bids my heart to stay

The loving hand of our Maker, Grand, reaches across the sleeping waters
Revealing reflections of our sons and daughters. In days long ago.
Walk near the peaceful waters, in seasons views the floating buds of water lily
In springtime shine. Summers frogs leaped to and fro to where the dragonflies go.

Life fills the air with soft summers care and place the beauty in fresh clean air.
Autumns kiss is never missed on placid shores with patchwork leaves.
Hold the movement of the trees and watch the seizing of the breeze.
Autumn's sweet song will share its melody tenderly, and strong.

Winters dance in pending frost has kept the pond from fading lost.
Ice skates bring Winter's grace in this lovely secluded place.
Dance long upon the ice when warmth is winters sacrifice, yet, next to
You  we cuddle nice winters cold can sweetly surrender warm entice.

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Warm Entice