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Once in a Blue Moon

One day God felt lonely, cheated even.

He’d missed out on so much, hadn’t

Looked in on his creation for quite a

While, so long in fact his worshppers

Had become withdrawn, some having

Almost forgotten him.


Over lunch with Jesus there was little

Sympathy for an almighty who neglected

His flock. It’s one thing to have a God

Who cannot be tested, but quite another

Matter to have a God who fails to visit

His great work’ at least once in a blue



One-way traffic, all praise, scant

Recognition in return. No matter how

High the deity, the laity surely deserves

At least a modicum of attention, and yet

There had been a famine in this direction

For too many years to count. ‘Abdicate

Responsibility, lose the esteem of thy

Followers’, was very much on the lips

Of those within earshot.


In thought of this God felt chastened

Indeed, brought to book even, in light

of which Jesus wisely held his council

For fear of upsetting his father. Let us

Not forget that in heaven there is no

Higher authority to look up to for help

Should, God forbid, heaven fail.


A conundrum if ever there was one.

A spiritual dilemma of the most severe

Kind. Had God deserted his people? On

The surface it certainly looked that way.

Jesus however, thought otherwise.


God moves in mysterious ways, slow to

Anger, quick to forgive. Jesus knew of

God’s wish to visit the earth but equally

Knew that he could not intervene in the

Ways of the world for one very simple

Reason: in distant times God had made

Man and woman free bestowing as part

Of this accord dominion over the animals.

Thus unwilling to go back on his word

God had stayed away. However, in light

Of present circumstances it was surely

Time to revisit the document in question

In search of … and there it was! A rider,

A condition whereby God could, given

Certain provisions in the clause, influence

Earthly events from afar unseen by men

And angels. And the means by which this

Work would be done was love.


And God so loved the world …


And lo there came a great outpouring of

Love, a huge increase in giving, so many

Gave that churches everywhere declared

A miracle. A Christmas miracle, a miracle

Of giving, giving to the poor, the less

Fortunate, the hungry, the homeless, the

Sick and the infirm. Truly the work of

A loving God.

So you see, never judge a book by its cover,

And always be prepared to look for God in

Your heart - he’s in there somewhere.


Give what you can to those in need – animals too.

This I dedicate to my friend Sonja with love and all good wishes

at this very special time of year. God bless you.


Happy Christmas

© Joseph G Dawson


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