Tattoos in Mayberry

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I've seen you squackin and cackling like
a J-bird on work release. J-birds don't 
amount to too much for me.
Look outside and you
might find my hitchhikers behind
long gone swingin' in the breeze.
I'm a predatory heron
with a fish filled beak
My game isn't weak.
I'm in the grooviest groove.
I stick as I move,
I'm a new child criminal thief.
Holding zoo zoos and wham whams
exotic libations of liquid relief
Pick your card.
My card's the ace of spades
Drop some koolaid in our coffee
Let's sip moonshine in the shade.
Let me caution you now.
I'm a load of and how.
I'm your new child criminal thief.
What of this new child?
It's fair of you to ask
You might find what you are looking for
if you peek into my flask.
There's potions,
elixers,dust covered Genie's lamps.
Mom and Dad have come a long way
from collecting Gold Bond Stamps
Living this life of spectacle,
a faux respectable
new child criminal thief.
Try a blast of this
with a bouquet of these.
Let me know when you're ready
with your pin number please.
let's  talk for a while
share our knowledge with style 
Since, you too are a sleuth,
a buck wild and uncouth
new child criminal thief.

Buddy Bee Anthony

All rights reserved as is by author

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New Child Criminal Thief