Tattoos in Mayberry

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You grab the duct tape
I'll get the handcuffs.
Take the party bus down off the ramp.
You bring the chains
and I'll grab some shanks
We'll meet up at basecamp.
You cried how you cared
, but you barely seemed there
when I offered to share my kill, you blinked.
I've seen you feeding pigeon to your Ken Doll
your new religion.
Your culinary skills slay every man you feed
So, you grab the cookbook
I'll get the meat hook
for a crazy, nouveau tasty little treat.

Cannibal Sister
Cannibal Brother

One day soon, when grandmothers dead
We'll stoke up the fire
To blaze higher and higher.
We'll suck the grey matter from out of her head.
You may think you know where things are going
But, I know who you've eaten

and I know where you go to
where you tell no one you've been.
Cannibal Sister
write your Dear John letter
to the boy who thought

you had fallen like stardust
from the sky
Though untrue, it's best he thinks
you arrived at his doorstep
fresh as hot finger pie.
We were born to be bad
to annoy and to bother
Bred from an indigenous man eating father.
Cannibal Sister
Cannibal Brother
Someday, when we're both dead
the mob will build a bonfire
they'll dance 'til they tire
then play kickball with both of our heads.
Feast on our legs and our thighs
fried up with our chitlins on bread
When you've just about had it
almost ready for bed
I'll toss your salad
if you baste my sweetbread.
I do have one more request
for our dinner next week.
Please, grill your most irresistible
dish of savory,
flavor filled,
mystery, light and dark meat.
Bon appetit.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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Bon Appetit