Tattoos in Mayberry

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You're beautiful, but you were once incomplete.
I thought by now, we'd finally meet.
It could be discreet
Who else could compete with your look on the street?
Now, that you're crazy beautiful.
I remember back when you were all questions
with no answers.
A gangly kid with braces on your teeth.
I cared enough about you to set you free.
Who, not I, could put a frown on your smile.
With the odds stacked against you
Not only have you landed on your feet
you've surpassed the rest by a country mile
You grew into yourself
and now you're beautiful
A flower child

like from no other seed.
It's hard to be a flower child in need.
It's hard to feed a flower child indeed
It's hard to free the flower child
blooming inside of me.
Take heed of the flower child in need
I'm starting to believe you could release the flower
child locked up
inside of me.
I can only speak for me
how hard it is
to free a flower child in word and deed.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Flower Child