Tattoos in Mayberry

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You're so beautiful, but are you complete?
I thought by now, we'd finally meet.
It could be discreet
Who else could compete
with your look on the street?
you're crazy beautiful.
I remember back when you were all questions
with no answers.
A gangly kid with braces on your teeth.
I cared enough about you to set you free.
I could never put a frown on your smile.
With the odds stacked against you
Not only have you landed on your feet
you've surpassed the rest by a country mile
You grew tall and strong from a noble seed. 
Now, it's hard to feed a flower child in need
It's hard to free the flower child
blooming inside of me.
I believe you could free the flower
child  in me.
Still it's  hard 
to feed a flower child 
 in word and deed.

Buddy Bee Anthony

All editing and publishing rights reserved, as is, by this author

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Flower Child