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Billy's Snow Shovel

There was a young boy so misunderstood.
His intentions were to be kind and good.
His name was Billy, he was playful and silly.
He loved to run and have fun, but his chores had to be done.
So he'd cleaned his room with an old wicker broom.
He took out the trash in an energetic flash. His Mother told him, "Billy, slow down, haste makes for waste."
So Billy slowed down, he still kept a steady pace, but his heart was still in a race.
His Mother told him It is better to slow down or he could lose his grace.
So Billy knew his Mother was looking out for him, his coordination was a little too slim.
One day Billy's neighbor was needing help with the snow and ice in his drive, and he was ready to remove the snow, 
That seems to come alive, causing Billy's neighbor to need the help to survive. 
Somehow it would come back when the Northern Winds began to blow. 
Billy would move one pile, and another pile would grow.
Billy couldn't stand the quick pace, so he slowed down with a combination of coordination and grace.
Before anyone knew it he cleaned the whole place.
Seems Billy looked Old Man Winter square in the face, he learned to respect Old Man Winter, 
As he again covered the drive and showed no remorse, such useless disgrace, Billy's snow shovel has found the right place.
(Billy has learned a new skill, and grew stronger and reaps a thrill.)

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Billy` Snow Shovel