Tattoos in Mayberry

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Train Wreck, Purple Kush, Walk the Dog
Sour Diesel.
Thai stick makes me slap silly like a weasel.
If you asked,
I'd have to tell you
I've sliced my share of golf balls
in the rough.
If you pressed me further
I'd have to tell you
I've smoked some
cray cray crazy stuff.
Still, I won't be smokin' no dope
called Girl Scout Cookies.
There's no  working this out."
no pill to chill..
I won't smoke a boy scout
so,don't leave me one in your will.
I may light up a blunt,
a number, a rollie a doobie or a spliff.
Then lay back in the tall grass and think.
Don't ask me to smoke a joint
a stick, a twisty or a twink
Those tags have too much of a funky foreign stink
And, find a new name for pot
called Girl Scout Cookies.
Bless all your hearts for the free rolling papers.
The medicated brownies and shatter.
Call me homophobic
but I won't suck up or down to the hole
of a tootsie pop roll
It looks too much like scat on a platter.
I'll be off for a shower, and a new pair of pants
when I'm hip deep in crumb cruncher stuff
It adds a hitch to my groove.
and a stitch to my dance
when too much schwag leaves me suckin' up dust.
It's why I'm tokin the good stuff
while I have half a chance.
Still, I'm gonna have to pass
Even if it's
an earth shaking
mind bending,
classical gas.
If you care to puff next
go ahead and take my turn
When the bong's stuffed with yaol
and rarin' to burn.
Loaded with the spank
from the dank
called Girl Scout Cookies.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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Girl Scout Cookies