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A Season's Wish

Is that a golden lining encircling heavens seams?
Is it a remnant of Summers dreams?
White purity blankets the leaf-bare trees, the gentle caress of clarity.
Where the winds carry hope and love, lays the warmth of a satin glove.
Sailing, dusting the meadows fair with Mother's Nature loving care.
White weather cast a subtle glare.
Would I shiver with sleeping days when memories shakes recall, and snowflakes softly fall?
Would I feel my spirit free when sorrows flee?
I will hold the moments near and embrace the season clear.
What peace that fills my heart is ready for a fulfilling start.
Nature views her art, but, will Mankind troubles part?
A Season's wish I share is with sweet loving care. It is never too late to start, listen to your heart.
(Hold friends and family dear, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.)

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A Season`s Wish