Tattoos in Mayberry

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Producer,and director
I won't be sight seeing on your tour buses
filled with Soviet Inspectors.
I'm not the one. Don't need none.
In fact,
I'm done
with your dead trick.
So cocksure, with confidence
the town folk didn't stand a chance.
A stick of dynamite's wedged in your pants.
A cold indifference is your special touch.
Mother's method twisted way too much.
You'll  find a few starry eyed, conscripts
But, I won't be there for you
even at double time and a half.
Your wages won't do.
Besides the nickels you've been feeding me
ain't worth a dime.
You're out of luck
and I've got no  time for your
Dead Trick
Even when you're giving  things out
you're taking things away.
Go around and around on your
merry-go-round ride 
That ride is one trip 
It's best to skip..
Your boots I won't lick
Dead Trick.
Stay off my stick.
Dead Trick.
I know how you feed your head.
and where you go to get it.
and your game is salty.

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