Tattoos in Mayberry

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I can smoke out a bluff
Like a fart down wind.
Still, I've been branded a hapless boozer
But, don't bet against this drunk
at the card table
or you'll be the begger,
not the chooser.
I don't need a full house
Just a full bottle of Gin
When your  face turns
from pale to flush,
and you tuck your shirt tail
too tightly in.
You know this ole venomous
snake'll slither over and sink my
fangs deep
into your skin.
Reel in another meal
with the musical bait of, ,,, 
" There's a card game, 
who wants in"?
I might get a little high but keep
a watchful eye.
while i wait for the
Everclear to kick in..
Third times charmed 
 for a good time  user to win.,
and win big
A power up high
much greater than I
watches over me
We must be some kind of  kin.
They're my land, my sea and air supply
when it's your full house
against my four of a kind.

When my sweetie's outta town
And my sport's book's 
runnin' paper  thin.
I'll still give you an out
Offer up a departing shot of
some of my finest imported Gin.
Enjoy your drink
then best you turn around, walk  out
keep the band  tight
around your money clip
I'll swoop in  like a vulture,
to  lower your stack
When a card game
heats up behind the curtain in back.
I won't need a full house,
just a full bottle of Gin

Word for the wise
is best you cash out,
before you buy your way all in.
Cuz, third times charmed
for this good times boozer
Third times charmed
for this card sharp user
Third times charmed
for this double time
blues man to win
and win big.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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