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About The First Christmas

" Ellie, what do you want for Christmas?" Silence filled the room.
I waited knowing she would reply soon.
"Granny I want to have my own sled, and I want to paint it red."
So she smiled and walked to the Christmas tree, to see where candy canes would be.
I love the light that glows from a young child's eyes it always warms my heart.
I tell the first Christmas story to Ellie, I want her to know the greatest gift, to mankind.
No greater gift will we find,  she seemed to be in awe when she hears about the star.
How shepherds left the fields, how three Kings found the holy child,  how God's Angels sang praise
How precious Jesus name was then and will always be, even after the end of days.
Ellie looked at me with a warm and loving look, and says, " How do you know, Granny?" My Bible
In hand, I told my youngest Granddaughter, "it is in this good book."  
"It Is in the heart of those who love Jesus and lives with those who believe." Ellie smiled, she was relieved.
The purity of the child reflects Gods gift to us all, I know His story must grow with the child, for the first 
Christmas Beams from a star it gathered all walks of life near and far.
The song of Angels still fills the air with a child's light that shines with loving care. 
"Peace on Earth began within a manager, to pull the souls of mankind away from danger.
A Child of light and warmth was born into this world with His Holy Fathers love, a promise kept from above.
Thank You, I love you, Ellie. Always, your Grandmother.

(May peace and love be with one and all. Wishing everyone a beautiful Holiday Season.)

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About The First Christmas