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End of Blackest Night

When Stardust drifts night after night, like their diamond shavings the eyes keep a craving. 
The light's shimmer in endless night, reflecting a glimpse of a Halo's sight.
Lift to mysteries no longer reached; the law of gravity is bravely breached.
Drifting beyond Saturn's rings is where an adventure sails on silver wings.
The enchanting mist of circling moons appear endless miles of lunar dunes.
The spirit dances on high when silhouettes have embraced the sky.
The restlessness of the sleeping surrenders in the arms of cosmic space.
As slumber hushed in heartfelt sighs and release the chains so dreams may fly.
Now standing in the Milkyway, the light of dreams have found their way.
Freeing images that cling to light has reached their greatest heights bringing an end to the blackest night.

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End of Blackest Night