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What Is Joy
What is joy? My youngest son asked. When he had his first son.
I looked at him and told him joy is many things.
I find it at unlikely times. In the middle of the night when silence touches my soul.
I feel a gentle joy for its comfort. 
I can feel an uplifting joy in the light that glows from your eyes.
When the laughter of your young son fills the room, I know of unspeakable joy.
There are many things that brings me joy, but love is the creator of a lasting joy, I've 
I have discovered in many ways.
Priceless and fulfilling it will lift me on my feet and bring warmth to my every heartbeat.
What one person considers joy, another may not, but for me my son the joy I know,
Is a priceless treasure my heart has sought,  And what time has taught, my joy is free
It is not bought it is just a part of me.
What is joy for you?

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What is Joy