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No Simple Life

The simple life is simply out of the question. 
That is fine It causes no depression.
I view each day as a gift and send my worries adrift.
What obstacles I encounter at times are a downer.
That is the way I travel when life unravels.
Day after day I still find my way. 
The stage of life often battles strife, but I'll stay.
As it's been said, "Come what come may."
"All work and no play? " Is the deed that pays my way.
Up at dawn with a rightful yawn, feeling a bit withdrawn.
I ready for my job, and dash out my door, and return home at half-past four.
There is the time that defines more than humdrum repetition
More to a day of  backbreaking work an unhealthy tradition.
There is you, there is me, and our family and our love that sets us free!
Love you, Honey, life is more in your arms, Once I fell for your charms.
Live, love, and know lots of laughter, and face the rest together for what comes after.

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No Simple Life