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Nativitie's Light

A peaceful night in a stable far.
Above shone a brilliant Star.
A light of love, a hope from above.
Sweet babe of grace was born in this place.

Salvation for mankind was there to find.
Three Kings baring gifts, gave hope a lift.
Shepherds abide by baby Jesus side.
Mary holds her child so near.

In a manger of Bethlehem, is the hope of men.
In time the world would grow, the gift of Baby Jesus softly glows.
King of kings, Gods Angels sing.
Peace on earth, God Blesses us with sacred worth.

Walk with the warmth of His light.
Praise God for this holy night.
Long ago shines the Heavens bright.
"Close your eyes and embrace Nativitie's Light."

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Nativitie`s Light