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"The Power of Gravity

~~It's not a love story!!

He walks toward the elevator with no particular thought on his mind
for it was the end of the day for him; from this point.. it is
smooth sailing. She's leaning back against the wall of the
elevator; exhausted after a long hectic day at the office....
she has... smiled her last smile, and chitted her last chat.
Closing her eyes now she's envisioning herself in a hot tub.
Instinctively they both see each other simultaneously looking
straight ahead into each other's eyes. The door is closing as
their eyes lock. Quickly she reaches out to hold the door
just as he quickened his pace. He is there now__ at the
entrance. She backs up to allow his presence. He is not
very tall, nor darkly mysterious, but he is very striking
in his mannerism. She is not very tall nor extremely
glamorous, yet appealing in her feminism. There is no usual
physical movement to be seen betwixt them. All the motion,
the stirring of energy, the push and pull are taking place
within the eyes... neither one speaks. No smiles are being
exchanged, not a sound of senseless clumsy stammering is
heard. Outside of the noise of the elevator humming, doors
opening and closing, people entering and exiting... all is
silent. Floor after floor waves of people in and out.. time
overlapping, entwining. They were there... they were not
there... they were far away yet together... here... now
Never before has he ever been lost for words. Never before
has she said so much with one breath.
Startled by the ping from the sound of the elevator reaching
the last floor and its doors whizzing open he closes his
eyes to exhale long and intentionally as he made way towards
the door to exit extending his hand beckoning her to exit
before him. There before them is a bench facing a picture
framed window overlooking the city showcasing the
brilliance of the evening suns' symphony of colors over
the sky. Sitting for hours... holding hands and sharing
each other lives.... they meet for the first time.


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`The Power of Gravity