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Pass It!  Witch!!

Witch! Pass it! Let it Come through!
Like a ball, tightly fisted
each part wounded abundantly

green, sometimes brown
it hits, touchdown!
It comes again to fist it
but a fail of intricate nervous conditions
lead to intuitions of grandeur
love, intrigue, then writing,

IT came with a drop,
"cursed! you witch!"
"You make it stop!"
"I just do what's apart of nature!"
"to use the bathroom?"
"that's yippee!"
"for a sick Brigadoon
it's all it can be!"
"gosh just to take a peek!"
at a patron so weak!
they are never watching, those rabbits
"What's going on?" they say, with their twinkling expressions
"is it twerking?," "or what have we seen before??"
"no, it's just some guy using the bathroom,
you witch!"
"Steady in the ditch"
The puddles left after, are such a stench!

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Pass It! Witch!!

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