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I Waited for you


The Fairy and The Stranger

Little fairy

I didn't think about you

I am Greatful

Lost in thought

No Longer

Making A Dream Come True

No Longer

There is nobody to blame

A moment's peace

Once More



Doesn't matter anyway

What I Want



Heavy is the crown



Found My Home

Who am I anymore

What happened to me

A Fallin Rose

Places like this

Draw a line


This is a different person

Just wait and see


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 Sprawled out on a street, my eyes flutter open. Wiggle my toes, yep I can feel my feet. I'm starting to hurt, there's searing heat and at the same time I'm so cold. Lying on my back my body has gone lame, where am I & what happened? I was in a wreck,  did I break my neck? No, I don't think so but, I feel something warm flowing down my arm and cheek. Thinking about my son I start to pray, Oh dear God get me through this day. I've got to live for my baby, no failure, no maybe.  The train track is under my neck and back, I've got to remember to be still, oh but everything I can surely feel.  Should I move, I don't know, but this radiating pain is starting to grow. 
   Oh wait, voices I can start to hear, they seem to be coming near. I know that one, a firefighter I used to date. Using my name and grabbing my arm tighter and tighter, he says I'm not alone. LET ME GO! I scream as I feel the stabbing pain caused by my firefighter. I'm so sorry, he says the bleeding won't stop if I hold any lighter. In and out I drift in this agonizing haze, am I going to live I asked kinda miffed. Yes, he said with a smile, recovery just might take a while.
  To the hospital I go, sirens blaring and every light seems to blaze. Glaring at the light, I hear words that make me fight.  Fearful I listen, talk of amputation and my arm shake my heart. I jumped up and screamed with a start, NO YOUR NOT! Tearful, the room seemed to glisten and spin, suddenly I felt impending doom. Listen to me said a nurse, you're not going to lose your arm or worse. I don't believe you, and I started to curse. He proved it was true, my arm still pink, then I was out like a wink.
  When I finally awoke, on the sight of my arm I nearly choke. I'm a flipping robot?! My buddy drew near, nothing to fear, that will come off within a year. 

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