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What is a Poem
Many years ago I asked my Mother what is a poem?
She told me a poem is something from the heart,
It  can be words that surface from the soul that can console.
It is up to the writer to see what the art of poetry can be.
On this day I think of her, and remember her wisdom pure
and in my heart, I know that sometimes poetry has been a cure.
The broken hearts that release their pain, the light of hope in the falling rain
A soft breeze in summer's ease or winter's snow-covered trees.
Cure, release, a word, an image that connects us to life, to face our joys or strife
Poetry is my song, when life is so right or when it goes wrong.
The shimmer of poetry is an art where peace belongs.
Yet, wars have their say in the life of violence and rife. 
A word can remove the stronghold of the knife.
What you create with the pen, will be read time and time again.
With every emotion, a poem can spring into motion.
God Bless the pen of love and devotion.

©Allseasonsverse 2018/11/12
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What is a Poem