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A Modern Heaven

They've only privatised Heaven
To keep it peasant class free
Apart from the serving classes,
Issued with a limited access key.
Of course entry  isn't denied
To the worthy of the lower orders,
It's just split into sections
With well defined borders.

First Class for the rich and worthy,
Second for the middle classes,
With a tiny enclosed third
To cater for the masses.
It's split on National lines
To keep Johnny Foreigner out
They'll  have their own bit
Where they can lounge about .

It's run on modern Tory principles
Now Practised every single day:
To those who have shall be given,
To those who have very little
Even more shall be taken away.

It's a sort of ethereal Brexit
Based on blatant lies
But we've got away with it for ages so
Why not with a promised paradise.
And those most unchristian of people
Our greedy, selfish ruling class
Treat the teachings of the Saviour
As the braying of an Ass.

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