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Crystal Dreams

There was a crystal-look to the land when I opened my rested eyes. 
I looked about and was captured by the golden sunrise.
For days the temperature declined, small woodland creatures nowhere to find.
Frost was at the tips of trees and colored the golden leaves to free the bind.  

So I thought perhaps I was in a dream in a land where crystals gleam.
I looked upon the face of winters early grace, but the countryside was still,
Frost travels to the hills.
Where were the rabbits, the pheasants on the run, tell me does life know 
Where did the North Winds Blow?

A mystery that soon cried out in the early morning light, all cowards, all heroes, 
Each creature gathered to the forest cave and sang in harmony of winter's cost
When land and sky greet the crystal slaves. Slaves of winter's frost.
Where sleep is streaming in golden chasms lost.
My heart beats to their tune each crystal stone where shadows bloom.

A dream I'm sure when nature finds her soft lure to free the icy blur.
Awake to warm fires dance in magic tones of sweet romance.
Guide the flames of midnight fires and feel the warmth of desires.
A crystal world is freed in nocturnal crystal hearts that lead.

The cost of wild and adventurous dreams whispers in the frost that screams.
Hold up the crystals inticing gleam, and know that illusions embrace the streams.
A lost but unforgotten dream,  of frosty mist in Winter's steam.
Look to the silence of the night when souls dance in the mystic silver soft moonlight.

(A crystal look to the untrained eye, have freed the earth with wings on high.)

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Crystal Dreams