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To Stay

Was it a broken heart? She lay in tears in a restless night.
Trying to lift her head she sinks back to her tear-drenched pillow.
Not long ago the sun and birds dance beneath the meadow's willow.
Where did her true love flee? In the icy chill of winter's breath.
A reluctant sorrow shows where a void now grows.
He bid farewell to sleep the sleep of silent death.
He did not flee, yet, he vanished and took the better part of her you see.
Time without him became the haunting enemy.
Somehow she found comfort when sunlight brought her spring, a child;
Born to her life, now speaks to her heart to soothe her plight, a gentle 
Warming light, a peaceful, hope that lives on where purpose thrives upon.
She holds his son, not long after he was gone, she saw her true love in
The passing shadows of the dawn, he arms his son and wife, his soldiers
Fight secured his loved one's life. So on this day, I pray,
God bless this small Family and bring an Angel to their stay.

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To Stay