Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas…
Bit by bit from the blanket of clouds.
Bit by bit from the blanket of clouds.
Yeah! Belatedly the sun rises in the east.
The skies today in the mystic glory of December.
O” Wonders of winter in divine December.
O “Wonders of winter in divine December
Scattered rays on high mountains,
Scattered rays on wide deserts and
Scattered rays on frozen plains…
While the broom, sea breeze sweep up at the shore,
And the shores filled with soft corals and shining pearls.

The gust of air shredding the mist covering on meadows
the broom like offshore breeze sweep up dried leaves,
In the garden so filled with fresh fragrances and birds set to rock.
The adornment did by little animals and colorful butterflies.
There are snowflakes on bottle brush trees in an elegant style
The crafted Christmas crib with yellow hay in warmth
Still, goosebumps on the skin, beats in the heart.

Hey, scarlet sun in beautiful twilight ready for a nap
The quest for scenic wonders more in this winter,
O” Now the night is more.
O'. Now the night is more.
A bright pole star you show now the way
With the solstice boat sailing in sky
Twinkling more, smiley little stars in row
As a glow of jasmine flora in the sky
Showers of light and fragrance to whole world.
“Hey,.Jingle bells are ringing ”
Wooing to nocturnal carols be at peak,
With a star made in sticks of bamboo and reeds
Lantern in village streets showing the way
Singing the glory of love and sacrifice
Now, have a sip and much plum cake ready to serve
O” Dear Santa, come fast with lovely Christmas gifts
The lovely Christmas eve in this heaven.

More wonders of winter in divine December
Hey, In this auspicious occasion
The entire friends who meet, greet and celebrate
I too wish you all “Merry Christmas"

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Merry Christmas.

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