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Homebound Flight

She walks the city streets, no home no bed of her own.
Watching the bustle of the crowd, they are walking so very proud.
She lost her home and family two years back to a fire; 
It brought the life she loved to the ground, 
Piece by piece her heart broke that day until she simply walked away.
Away from the ashes, away from the lifeless loved ones she held so dearly.
Her shattered heart holds a mournful cry that she still hears clearly. 
The songs of Christmas fills the air, alone she shivers in forgotten care.
She heads to central park, within the dark, to come upon a festive tree with a star 
Placed above it seems to glow with love and in the middle is the soft cooing of the dove. 
In the silent night, her hands grew warm her soul beams bright; on that holy night.
She laid her weary head on the bench for her bed. Her family gathered around, to bring the Angels sounds.
Peace embraced her and takes her to her mansion in the sky, on Christmas Eve she joins her family in the by and by.
The light was her guide in a place where eternity abides. She walks the streets of gold, where she will never again be cold.

(Some say they saw the mansion's lights as star-kissed stars shown in her homebound flight.)

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Homebound Flight