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I see you! The Induced Coma!


Family - Your rejection cuts like a knife,

Thrusting deep..:

An emotional bomb, tearing through my life! 

You stand firm in your judgement which is so far from the truth!


You are blinded by manipulation, deception.. by her poisoned perception!

Dripping in... 

Breathing her toxic air!

I feel completely defeated, and full of despair!


Family - You have no interest in what I have to say! Ignoring my messages and wanting me to go away!


What sick, twisted individual sets out to destroy you, whilst your father is lying ill.

Helpless... and in an induced coma, is when she twists the knife in!


Playing the victim in her best acting role yet!

Your wicked black heart, full of malice and hate! 


I see you! I expose you! 

Your transparent you see! 

Which is one of the reasons you keep coming after me!


Isolating him from all those who care,

Giving me that cold hearted glare!

Fake and insincere.. selfish to the core!

Neglecting a man who you profess to adore!


You are his wife, but you have missed his symptoms for a second time, 

Symptoms that could have killed him in a very short time!


Is that your goal? Do you want him dead?

When he returned home sick the last time, you kicked him out of the marital bed!


No emotional warmth... sleeping in separate rooms... not the behavior of a woman, whose husband she adores!


But you my family- you have hurt me the most!

Each one of you rejected me no matter how close! 

Not one of you thought to question or challenge her lies... happy to see me disappear from your pathetic sad lives! 


I see you! 



Written by © Wendy Roberts 15-12-2018


©2000 - 2020, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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