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To the End of Days

There was a wave of serenity that drifts across the hills.
A sudden peace that holds an awesome still.
Young children sleep warmly and their beds,  
A gentle walk with dreams begins to thread.

A soft white curtain of snow drapes the night, 
A crescent moon shares nocturnal light.
Wind breathes life to the land, an air that nature understands.
Earth slows her racing heart when warmth and sun stand apart.

A brilliant star holds the light of peace when Shepherds seek the
Lambs release.
A night that holds a promise clear as salvation draws near.
Castaway the sin when baby Jesus love begins.

Nights of nights that sing on high,  when the hope of eternal life is nigh
Do you hold the sight of the brilliance of that Holy night?
Does your soul wash clean, to the hope the ancient world has seen?
A gift to all who bows in praise, to fill our souls to the end of days.

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To the End of Days