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Babe of Rest

In the glen walked the three Wise Men.
Kings from afar that followed a star.
Deserts in their path but onward they go.
The light of the world would softly glow.

No gold no gems appeared, just a humble sable 
The light within embraced these men,  the night of hope was guiding them.
A star of Heavens best, shown on the babe in rest.
To save the world of sin when a light of hope begins in blessed Bethlehem.

Not far from the Jordan river was this child of life delivers His peace and love
A soft song that lifts on Angels white velvet wings from above.
What a heart of purity for Kings to see, a glow of man's infinity.
Come see the light of centuries pass and keep the love alive at last.

(Come fill your glass with waters from Christmas past)

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Babe of Rest