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Run to Safety
It was a rumbling and flash of light that shook the ground.
I stood trembling and turned completely around.
It wasn't thunder or lightning which I found the noise quite frightening.
I turned in all directions and sensed a pending danger, no place for protection.

An empty barn a few yards away from a shelter where I might have to stay.
Not anyone in sight, an abandoned place, I ran to find a safe space.
The ground began to shake when the earth began to split; "an earthquake for goodness sake."
Just seconds from stepping into the barn when it tumbled down to the ground.

Close call, I was able to jump back before the barn started to fall.
Bumps and bruises here and there but I'll heal none the less.
I was lucky I must confess. 
I walked a mile back home my nerves were a mess.

My Mother was happy to see me. She asked me if I was home for the rest of the day.
I said yes, then she walked away,  she turned around with more to say. She looks at me and said,
Before  you go ask for permission, the deserted farm Barn and sheds are under demolition."
Then I realized It was not an earthquake that gave me a bump on my head.

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