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The Battles Prophesy

If you wanted to use me for your personal gain I say good luck cause in the world we live in today we are stuck about to fall, fall higher than the gods as they undertake there was with Hades and the devil. We will watch the grasp of Jesus Christ fall weak and sink down into the fires of yell to be reborn, God had his plan and told it off and made his mistake and from that Jesus burns and the devil laughs from the eternal lame of yell a light may flash but it won't be it's last. God blessed you to his domain to help you love on and fight fight on to raise not his spirit but your own. As the devil laughs a light makes it's bury and the messiah rises from the flames reborn into the kingdom of he hell by the side of Hades fighting for his freedom breaking the chains of a new era of opportunities and fight for the light once more.

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The Battles Prophesy

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