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Their Life Unfolds

I crack open my window to feel the crisp winter's night air.
Somehow the night seemed to vanish in the whimsical wind.
I witness the dust of snow enhance icicles in a single glance. 
A whisper of peace filled my soul as dawn approached her goal.

Snow slowly laced the hill.  The hour brings surrenders to a hazy glow.
Yes, dawn brings the golden sun, and the night becomes undone.
I sat immured in my cottage home. Wrapped in sheepskin covers,
A sense of joy I soon discover. 

A picture of the family was looking back at me, their smiling faces was all that I could see.
A bit of time enclosed sprung forth so clear, their warmth their essence drew so near.
I've seen the countless years in the moments of laughter and silent tears. 
Rising to the light of day I say the light will come and go, Yet, love for my family is here to stay.

Within the womb love grew, their precious face, an enlightening view.
Now they tower by my side, gifting life with a Mother's pride.
I watched them grow throughout the seasons and held them close in loving reasons.
They left home to find their lives unfold, and left behind their memories gold.

Life moves so very fast, but golden thoughts are formed to last.

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Their Life Unfolds