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First day at a new job and.
With all allowances being made.
It was like being back in the Army
On the morning Works Parade.
All the workers hovered anxiously
Waiting for the morning call
A time wasting exercise
Not really necessary at all.

They shuffled into his office
Each trying to avoid his eye
Shuffling nervously and waiting
Until, sufficient time passed by.
He chose his victim of the day
To Humiliate, deride and scorn
In his horribly obnoxious way.

You could see the victim squirm
As the others stood at ease.
Visibly relieved not their turn
For this day's third degree.
Then, humiliation over, they
All shuffled out with relief
Keeping a mental distance from
The one who'd suffered his grief.

They whinged and complained
But none of them had the guts
To turn and, metaphorically,
Knee him in the nuts.
He ruled them by bullying
Keeping them all well cowed
Using words and actions that
In the law were not allowed.

A bully and a sadist who had
Manoeuvred his way to the job
With the manners and style
Of an ignorant, unfeeling slob.
I played him at his own game
Very quickly let him see
How I would retaliate if he ever
Tried his nasty tactics on me.

And I cruised through my work
Quietly drew my meagre pay
And counted down the months
To my retirement day.
Some years later I heard
There'd been a judgement day
And the company finally sent
Him ignominiously on his way.

Too many years too late for
Workers he'd so often abused
By his obnoxious behaviour
And the tactics that he'd used.
Like a works parade in the army
Apart from the obvious fact
That even the hardest drill pig
Left a man some pride intact.

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