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Unfaded and Untorn

He was sailing to distant lands with his Bible in his hands twelve roses enclose in wax paper 
Pressed in the Holy pages of Gods word, the lifeless petals and thorns were secure and untorn.
Each rose represents family members, the faces he often remembers.
Before Danny left, he asked me to hand his Bible to his daughter, so she would have it blessed at the altar.
If he could not see her wedding she would have his priceless treasure, a priceless book beyond measure.
It first came to his hands when he was a small boy, a Good book that held both sorrow and joy.
I made a promise, but I looked in his eyes and I said, he would come home, not all soldiers die.
The shores were filled with the townspeople bells rang from the steeple.
Our men and women board the ship, and he held my hand with a warm loving grip.
I believe he somehow he knew this was his final trip.
He looked across the waters foam as the ship carried him far from home.
Gulls circled high in the steal blue sky, watching the crowd fade away, he was leaving for a war that day.
Letters came two by two one for me, one for his daughter Sue. I kept her letter sealed and placed them 
With his Bible in a chest 'till the day he was laid to his rest.
His Bible was handed to me in safe keeping, I felt his presence in my soulful weeping.
Sue grew to become a pilot, she has a small son now, as she turns the pages viewing the pressed roses so worn,
We sat together and placed back the flowers, we discovered together the roses had lost their thorns.
We healed our hearts together for her Father, my Brother we mourn, as we hold a Good Book unfaded and untorn.

Danny lives on in our hearts

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Unfaded and Untorn