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In the haze, I saw the volcanoes blaze.
The lava flowed and smoke pitch black reached for miles
The trees engulfed in molten flame making wildlife lost to heat insane.
One explosion and big implosion set its fury in destruction's name.
Miles and miles of ash takes rocky plains, while nature screams in pain
Nothing thrives in its path the mountainside shatters in the aftermath.
So if you gain escape, you're spared of a gruesome fate.
Pray your exit is not too late.
The earth's natural bomb, express its deepest qualms. 
No place left unturned, in molten lavas burn.
When all has come to pass,  air and water tainted with deadly poison gas?
The devil mountain will make a second pass.
Take heed to Volcanoes need, go far away from its hell-bent speed.

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