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 Winter Fun

Snowballs are my ammunition I am ready to bring on the fun.
My opponent is ready for me, I saw him hiding behind the old Pine tree.
Now my snowball hurls through space, a good challenge in any case.
Be on target, yes, stay on course, my throwing arm packs a lot of force.
On impact he begins his well-planned attack, his snowball was so firmly packed.
In the clearing, my home team was cheering.
From the top of the hill appears my friend, Bill.
Laughing and rolling carrying snowballs by the pound.
He kept his cool as he comes sliding down. 
It was one of many winters sports we chose when snowballs come our way.
It kept us moving all through the day.
Fun was grand when the pure driven snow fills the land.
Days of snow wars were a welcome past time when outdoor fun had a shine.

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Winter Play