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Simply to Die For

While walking with his father, the kings' son looked down
Intrigued by an object partly buried underground
He released his father's hand to go down and see
Just what this dirty old object could be
At first glance it wasn't much to behold
It wasn't diamonds or rubies, nor silver or gold
Battered and beaten, wretched and worn
Dented and bruised, scratched and torn
Anyone in their right mind would have just walked away
But the son thought he found something special that day
From the first day the thought stuck in his mind
How could he ignore such an interesting find?
But how could he so spotless and white
Get down in the dirt and explore this site
The king surely would not allow it to enter in
The house was no place for something as filthy as sin
The father made it clear, if it means that much to you
You must be prepared to endure what you must do
Shed your deity, your white robe, lay aside your crown
Leave the luxuries of home then you may go down
You will be exposed to things you have never known
And you will have to suffer greatly before returning home
After careful consideration, he believed it worth while
To dig through the dirt like an orphan child
Sleep under the stars, walk days without end
Be ridiculed and rejected by those he calls friends
Exposed to enemies with not a sword nor shield
His army just as helpless as sheep in the field
Yet the son saw something none other could see
And said I don't mind taking the filth on me
Even if I have to go it alone
I will find that treasure and give it a home
I will try it by fire, rinse it in rain
Clean all the guilt, condemnation and shame
All that red crimson will be white as snow
Like a fruitful tree it will grow and grow
Then when it's all said and done
I will present to my father my beloved one
Worth everything in heaven and more
A true treasure simply to die for

J. Moore

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Simply to Die For