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Gods Love Shines on Me

What is Faith, can you feel it's strength? Is it unseen?
What can it do?
Does it move the eyes to hold the conscious to a higher level?
Will joy surface with a certain kind of revel?

I believe in the unseen, I know it can wash some stains clean.
So many have to see to believe, Like doubting Thomas of long ago.
Faith can be sure coming straight from the heart, faith from the soul
Can make us come whole, some have no faith, and they fall apart.

Often it is a faith of a child or a friend that will stay with me to the end.
The Son of Bethlehem, a Man from Galilee, the miracle of the one who walks the Sea.
I know what dwells in my heart. I see the light of the unseen.
I feel love and peace, as I touch the face of serenity.

If the world holds the pitch of dark, my faith will embark, I will reach faith's lustrous mark.
I know no fear of looming dark,  I know of warmth and light in my Earthly walk.
My faith whispers a gentle talk of earth and Sea,  in bliss and harmony.
God shines his love on me. My faith has set me free...

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Gods Love Shines on Me