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 Romantic Notions By Ivy Rose

Big green Higgins floated above the trees,
His pointy dragon's tail swatting at some bees.
"Hello, my dears," he sweetly said,
"Could I have some honey for my bread?"
The bees rolled their eyes and said,"Why not?"
Who could say no to Higgins once they were caught?
The bees flew with Higgins to his home in a nest.
They wished they had never met Higgins the pest.
The holes in his nose sent a smoky fume
And flames from his mouth shot across the room.
The honey started boiling and cracked its pot;
So the bees fled quickly to a safer spot.
Higgins just watched as the bees flew away.
I wonder, he thought, why the bees didn't stay?

Higgins might be big and he might be green,
But he was gentle. He was never mean.
His large dragon heart was broken in two.
He wanted the bees to be friends but what could he do?
He thought, and he thought, and he stayed in thought
Until an idea came about the honey in the pot.
Could he learn to control his fiery breath?
The bees ran away because they were scared to death.
He began stirring the honey around and around;
Then he stuck in a stick. It made a humming sound.
His flames shot out and barbequed the honey.
Soon, the honey goop became a cute little bunny.
He was having so much fun creating his shapes
That he never saw the bees peeking through the drapes.

Yes, he was so wrapped up that he forgot the time.
His flames were flickering just like a neon sign.
The bees were so stunned that they began to dance
Buzzing back and forth as they watched Higgins prance.
Then they got up the courage to knock on his door.
"Higgins," they said, "We have come back for more."
Higgins came to the door. His face lit by a smile.
"Well, come in then," he said, "And, stay for awhile."
The bees crowded inside to get a good look.
Why that Higgins had created a great looking book.
The bees oohed and they ahhed at the glorious sight.
"Could we stay and play? Could we spend the night?"
Higgins was so happy that he jumped up and down.
His fiery breath had made him the talk of the town.

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