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 Romantic Notions By Ivy Rose      144758 Poems Read

I had a very bad, aweful, toothache.
I wanted it out, now, for Heaven's sake.
I went to see my Dentist, Dr. Gigglemush.
With his finger to his lips, he said,"Shush!
This will hurt me much more than it will you;
because I have to do what dentists' do."
I shook my head, and I just laughed and laughed.
"Doctor, just let me be completely gassed."
"I think that would be quite nice; but I say, alas,
I'm on empty.  I don't have any gas."

Now, this was the very most shocking news.
No gas, no giggles.  I just had the blues.
He said, "Daisy dear, open your mouth wide.
I want to have a look at what's inside.
What is this?  A tiny, dancing, brown bear
juggling a whole bushel bag of pears,
a Crocodile with a crookedy smile,
and little Jerry Moon inside with a file.

A knockedy-kneed runt of an old gnome
singing such silly words, 'Home, again, home.'
While little elves quite gamely dance
waving and waving their passports to France.
A gooey upside down pineapple cake
with no pineapples.  What a rotten fake!
Here is a pirate picking out your plaque
to plaster it inside the mouth of Zack.

Whew!!!  Whatever is that terrible smell?
By gosh, that fish has been dead for a spell."
Then it started, just a tiny jiggle.
Then it became a loud, louder giggle.
I felt a mighty tug; and then a "POP!"
I shouted, "No, no, please don't stop.

That bad tooth is out.  Can't you pull anymore?
That gas you were out of would be such a bore.
This is far better.  This is much more fun.
Please, do not tell me that we are all done."
Dr. Gigglemush just smiled, as he waved his bill.
"I hope you will include me in your will."

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