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  Distant Land
She walked away never to return. As her village burns.
Her tears run side by side with her deepest fears.
War has left it ashes and flame, her life would never be the same.
There was a hard lesson of loss in war a soul survivor learns.
Her life dramatically turns.
Hours slipt away, she walked day after day.
She would take a small rest then carry on with her best.
Ships in the harbor awaiting passengers to a new world.
She must leave her land, the ravage of her home, which no
Longer stands.
The mountains lay ahead, rocky peaks a journey of dread.
Beyond the mountains lies the sea, a place of brine's history.
Pending dark arrives the soul of the tempest survives.
Where the bow glides the dolphin's dance and holds the sailor's glance.
Look to the rocky mountain peaks, where Eagles wings leave silver streaks.
The height surrender to the haunting night and darkness greets starlight.
She finds her ship by the dawn of the eighth-day, she boards the ship and she is on her way.
She stands to watch the shore fading in distance gleam as sunlit skies redeem.
Her journey to a new world unfolds in the hope her story will be told her name
Is Anna Marie, she now makes passage at sea.
 So alone she feels the sails hold the north wind in dawns early navigation
She leaves with silent reservation.

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Distant Land