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Hold that Moment Dear
In a small town, a child is born.
He comes into the world with a star's radiant light.
A soft winter's sigh fills the watchful sky.
There was a  peace that caressed that special night.
Ancient wise men walked the land to a humble manger
They found so grand.

Many centuries have come to pass, yet, the babe grew
To become the light of Mankind, those who speak his name
In devotion will fill their soul with salvation's warm emotion.
With faith and love, walk through the door of the great above.
He waits with open arms of peace and soothes their souls in a warm release.

You will know His loving Face, as he holds you with heavenly grace.
Long ago He prepared our place, on Calvary's Hill he sought his Father's will.
Angel's tears fell from the sky, his tattered flesh upon the cross, no greater
Gift beholds the greatest story ever told. A gift beyond compare that pulls away
Mankinds despair.

Remember his sacrifice in summer's warmth and winter's ice.
He brings goodwill that shines so clear.
Come hold his promise near.
Castaway all fear. His Kingdom calls out.
Hold that moment dear.

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Hold that moment Dear